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Product Details

Transfiguration MC


Transfiguration Aria.


Seiji Yoshioka has worked his magic once again.

The new Transfiguration Aria delivers even more of the incredible performance you have come to expect from this PRICE-PERFORMANCE leader.

Based on the yokeless ring-magnet construction made famous by Transfiguration for its unerringly natural musicality and now imitated by numerous other brands, the Aria with it`s `Nude`design achieves a new level of refinement, musical coherence, and plain old head-bobbing, foot-tapping fun.

The much music was simply unobtanenable at this low price until now.

Yes the Transfiguration Aria has all the Audiophile magic of soundstage, detail, speed, clarity and transparecy of much more cartridges, yet the thing that separates it from even them is its soulfullness.

This cartridge let`s you feel the music, as the artist intended it.

Musically natural cartridges

Transfiguration Aria.

Type: Yokeless moving coil with exclusive patented magnet.

Utilising a double ring magnet for a moving coil cartridge has enabled six unique design improvements:

* Just two coils within "double" ring magnets.

* No yokes.

* No magnetic irregularities.

* Intimate coil/magnet coupling.

* Brilliantly, elegantly simple design.

1. No yokes.

The ring magnets and freedom from yokes enable the coils to be placed DIRECTLY WITHIN THE MAGNETIC FIELD.

Not just close, but literally right inside. The detail is never masked by rising dynamics and sharp transients.

2. Anti-resonance cartridge body.

The solid non-resonat body with "deeply cut-away sides" utilises both shape and material to create a totally inert enviroment for the electromagnetic elements. These elements are more effectively insulated from arm, turntable and tracing noises, further reducing any tonal colouration of the music and lessening the intrusion of distracting mechanical noises.

3. Twin "silver" coils on the cantilever fulcrum.

Minimises dynamic mass and mechanical impedance, enabling instant,accurate reaction to every groove detail, including the abillity to handle massive trasients without overshoot or break-up.

4. Push pull damping.

A special compound has been meticulously designed and fabricated to provide total stylus/coil alignment and control. Its non-sensitivity to temperature change keeps the damping coëfficient stable and improves tracking accuracy.

5. Special alloy core for coil assembly>

Increases sensitivity by 20dB, improves signal to noise ratio eliminating a usual source of distortion.

6. Low mass tip.

Ogura PA (3 x 3-um) tip shares many of the advantages of the flagship MC cartridge " The Temper V". It's function is to reproduce the character of the original recorded sound - not add or subtract its own deficiencies.



Body : Solid aluminium, non-resonant body with deeply cut-away sides

Cantilever : 0.3mm diameter solid boron

Stylus : Ogura PA (3 x 30um) solid diamond

Core/coils : High grade permalloy square core with pure silver coils.

Magnet : Semarium cobalt

Weight : 7g


Output voltage : 0.36mV (3.54cm/sec., 1kHz)

Output terminals : 1.2mm gold plated (EIA)

Internal impedance : 10 ohms

Frequency response : 10Hz - 20kHz +1.5dB

20kHz - 40kHz +2dB

Channel separation : > 27db, 200Hz - 1kHz

Channel balance : < 0.5dB, 1 kHz


Tracking ability at 315Hz at a tracking force 1.8g : >65um

Dynamic compliance : 12 x 10 to the minus 6cm/dyne


Recommended loading : > 10 ohms

Recommended tracking force : 2g

Optimal working temperature : 23 degrees Celsius

Break-in period : 30 hours

Warranty : 1 year manufacturing defects

Re-tipping : performed at factory

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