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State - of - the - art analoog loopwerk met tonearmboard.

Amazon lager.

Aluminium - lood - acryl plateau (11 kg)

10aH batterijvoeding met externe lader en los staande DC motor met instelbare toerenteller.

Inclusief clamp.

Amazon Referenz

Afmetingen (draaitafel) : 470 x 450 x 160 mm (b x d x h)

Afmetingen (motor unit) : 120 x 450 115 mm (b x d x h)

Gewicht: 32 kg

Gewicht plateau: 11 kg

Center bearing: Inverted steel/ceramic

Motor: DC motor met Amazon LSC speed control

Power supply: NiMh batterij met automatische micro-controlled lader.

Tonearm : 9 - 12,5"


The chassis is made of a special casted low resonance ICI material.
We are using for decoupling 8LRP ( Low Resilience Polymer) demper, which as well isolate the two levels of the turntable as demping vibrations in the material.


The weigth of the platter is 11.0 kg.

It is made of aluminium, lead and casted acrylic.

At the bottem are centrically grooves milled and filled with lead.

The central spindel is made of Teflon.

Center bearing

The rotation center is a center of the inverted bearing.

The bearing axle and the bearing bush are made of multiple hardened steel and are very fine and the bottem of the axe supply the center bearing constant with oli.

The massive construction prevent vibration normaly observed with other turntables.

Motor unit

The motor unit is complely isolated from the turntable.
With a very thin string of Polyamide the torque is transmitted from the pulley to the platter.

The speed of the motor is controlled by a patented special LSC-Controller ( Linear Speed Controller) developed by Amazon and only used in Amazon turntables.

To fine tune the speed there are two regulators separately for 33 rpm and 45 rpm (1:25)

The motor is a DC-model ( used also in navigation automatic steering devices) with perfect results in a constant speed and noise emission.

Power supply

Unique to an analog turntable is the integrated battery power supply.

When playing a record the motor unit works only with battery power, completely isolated from the mains.

This gurantees that all distortions from the mains are kept away and the motor runs perfect.

Amazon motor unit is filled with an intelligent circuit, which controls all parameters of the selected NiMh batteries.

Click hier voor meer Amazon Referenz informatie

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